April 7, 2004
We're back with more Suck Bus Episodes!!! The big news! We will be getting a new artist to revive the Night Shift Patrol series with regular updates again!

February 5, 2004
Lots of fixes to the site! Some things were broken before but now they're working! The login has been majorly improved!! We posted a new Suck Bus episode as well! Enjoy!

January 27, 2004
MEGA UPDATE!!! For the lack of updates the past few weeks... We're adding 20 NEW Suck Bus episodes!!! Including the 2 Xmas Specials!!!

December 7, 2003
Last time the gang decided to go camping... We finish off the story with 2 more episodes!

November 15, 2003
We've added 2 more Episodes of the suck bus!! We continue our story with the gang and the mystical "Tripple D" Porker and Tripple D gets it on!!!

October 22, 2003
The Suck Bus Episode 33 is here! "Something in the Woods!" The gang is on a camping trip! October 11, 2003
We're back with more Suck Bus Episodes! We've added 3 new Episodes- Check out 30, 31, and 32.

July 14, 2003
We've rearranged our Suck Bus gallery to support a greater number of Episodes!! Also- we've added 2 new Episodes!! The gang runs into some trouble with the Strip Club owner Cootchie!!

July 7, 2003
This week on the Suck Bus we have the gang doing a little Voyeur Cam peep show!! Check out Big Bitch and her new girlfriend.

June 30, 2003
We've got new suck bus episodes! Our Suck Bus gang picked up a couple of Clowns and Mimes! Check out the latest 2 episodes of the Clowns and Mimes fucking! Speak Mimes Speak!!

June 15, 2003
Last time on the Suck Bus- Swedish Stud got knocked out by his own cock! The red head chick gave Swedish Stud's cock CPR!! Swedish Stud has now recovered!! This week we have "Pussy on Fire!" in the latest Suck Bus episode!

June 3, 2003
MEGA UPDATE! We've completely revamped the members area to include 3 sites in one!! MegaToonSex, NightShiftPatrol, and SpasmUnderworld!! Each of the content is now broken up into their appropriate section. All new updates will be FLASH cartoons!! Since that's the most popular attraction, we're going to give you tons of new toon sex animations. Stay tooned!! (The top graphic bar will be updated to reflect the new site!)

May 30, 2003
We've added 2 new Suck Bus episodes... Come check out the Swedish Stud and two horny bitches!!

May 13, 2003
Welcome back Suck Bus fans! We have the next episode of High Class Ass! See it in the Twisted Animation section!

May 6, 2003
We're back with another episode of the Suck Bus!! This time the gang picks up a "High Class Ass"! We're gonna get some Lesbo action in this episode - Big Bitch gets her turn at the juicy pussy!

May 2, 2003
Sorry for the lack of updates lately guys- we have a new Night Shift Patrol movie clip in the twisted animation section! Night Shift Patrol and Spasm Underworld will be going through yet another change! The members layout will soon be updated to support 3 different site in 1! So for the price of 1 site you will get 3!! The new members area will be more focused towards "Movie Toon Porn" and more Flash animations!! The most popular section on our site seems to be the Flash Animation so that is the direction for our updates!! Thanks again for all your support!

April 18, 2003
We've added the second part of the Nerds getting some action!!!

March 18, 2003
We've got another exciting episode of the SuckBus- This week the Nerds are getting some action!

March 9, 2003
Dick's Birthday -part2 "Double -Fuck Twist"! Another exciting episode of the SuckBus. Porker and Dick gets some action!!!

March 1, 2003
This week on the SuckBus- Dick gets a Birthday surprise.... Come chick out the hot blonde popping out of his cake!

February 19, 2003
Rasta Man is back!! Get a load of Rasta man fuckin TONS of college babes in this new episode of the SuckBus.

February 13, 2003
This week we have Porker Driving the SuckBus van, while Dick gets his chance at getting some 'pussy action'. Don't miss out on this one!

February 7, 2003
This week we break away from SuckBus series for a bit and introduce you to another hardcore fun animation... Pie in the Pizza!! Check out Stoner as he bangs the pizza girl!!! Really great Flash Animation!

January 28, 2003
3 New Gag Cartoons have been added!!

January 21, 2003
We've added 2 Gag cartoons!!

January 14, 2003
And we continue our Night Shift Patrol Dailies with strip 27! This is a real hot sexy Strip. One of the Pussy Cult gets fucked.

January 8, 2003
We added another episode of SuckBus! In this episode we get to see 2 cheerleaders go at it with "RastaMan".

December 30, 2003
We're back with another exciting episode of the SuckBus gang as they Blackmail Santa! This is hilarious episode! "Ho Ho Ho! What a Hoe!" says Santa.

December 25, 2002
Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2002
Happy Holidays!! We've added another twisted Animation to our site... The SuckBus catches Santa in the act!! Come check out Santa's Slut!

December 20, 2002
More twisted Animations!! This time the SuckBus gang picks up a "Lying Slut".

December 13, 2002
And now the conclusion of the SuckBus: Creepy Porn Clone- The Battle Orgy Climax! Check it out in our members area under the Twisted Animation!

December 7, 2002
The Night Shift Patrol dailies is back! We posted 2 new pages. Last time the mysterious cat creature terrorized and fucked a dude at Larney's All Night Diner.... In this next strip, we learn they are part of a "Pussy Cult".... Check out Strip 25, and Strip 26!!

November 28, 2002
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2002
Another episode of the Suck Bus!!

November 23, 2002
We posted 3 more gag toons!

November 18, 2002
We've added the next episode of the Suck Bus. Creepy Porn Clone part3! Richard discovers the secret of the evil scientist chick.

November 11, 2002
We've added part2 of the Creepy Porn Clone! The gang gets captured!

November 8, 2002
2 New Gag Cartoons have been added!

November 2, 2002
We've added another episode of Suck Bus! Creepy Porn Clone -part1

October 31, 2002
Happy Halloween!! Wishing everybody a spooky night -from NightShiftPatrol and SpasmUnderworld!

October 25, 2002
We've added a new episode of SUCK BUS!!! Come check out Big Mamma!!

October 22, 2002
We return to our NSP Dailies story-- (Strip 24). The mysterious cat creature fucks another victim.

October 20, 2002
2 New Gag Cartoons have been added!

October 16, 2002
We have a new Episode of the SUCK BUS!! Come see the Suck Bus gag fuck over a hot asian (or get fucked).

October 14, 2002
A new Gag Cartoon was added today!!

October 10, 2002
We posted a new gag cartoon in the Mr. Hyde's GOLD- gag cartoon section.

October 7, 2002
We posted another strip for the NSP Dailies. (Strip 23)

October 3, 2002
We've added Strip 22 of the NSP Dailies. Now that the Vampire Queen is dead... there's a new baddie on the lose!

October 2, 2002
We've added another episode of the Suck Bus!! Tune into next week when we have Asian Hottie on the suck bus!

September 30, 2002
We have another exciting episode of NSP Dailies up. Check out Strip 21! Warning! This new strip contains lots of sex and violence!

September 25, 2002
We've reorganized the Gag Cartoons section and updated it with 3 new gag strips!

September 24, 2002
We posted a new Twisted Animation! Check out the Suck Bus! Send us your feedback! Let us know what you think of the Twisted Animations!

September 23, 2002
Misha beats up on the Vampire Queen! Come check out Strip 20 of the NSP Dailies!

September 20, 2002
Strip 19 of the Night Shift Patrol Dailies is now available! We continue with the Attack of the Hunter Vampires.

September 18, 2002
We've posted the second part of the Night Shift Patrol Headquarters Tour!! 7 new pages!!

September 16, 2002
We posted 2 new NSP Dailies - Strip 17 and Strip 18! The action thickens! More vampires!

September 11, 2002
Just in! NSP Dailies Strip 16! The energy flows! It's mighty morphing time!!

September 3, 2002
Tripple Whammy Update! We've added 3 new Strips for the Night Shift Patrol Dailies! (This is making up for the lack of updates last week.) Hope everybody had a Happy Labor day!

August 23, 2002
The Vampire Queen strikes from the back! Strip 12 is up!

August 20, 2002
New! Just in- hot of the press! Night Shift Patrol Dailies Strip 11 is now available in color! Come see Misha ride a vampire!

August 18, 2002
We've added a new Jigsaw Puzzle! The new Jigsaw Puzzle game has tons of improvement and new features. We got a Larger Work Space (for those with a bigger monitor, you'll appreciate this, for those who dont u can always use the scroll bars.), More pieces! That's right- we've got 117 pieces now for longer play time. The file size of the game is 2 times smaller then before. Slow modem users will appreciate this part the most. The pieces are no longer grainy. We're using 32-bit colors on all the pieces. (Before we were using 8-bit colors). Ok- nuf about the features... Go check it out!

August 16, 2002
We posted another exciting episode of Night Shift Patrol... Redd strikes back in Strip 10!!

August 13, 2002
Get ready to see some good hardcore action in the newly posted Night Shift Patrol Dailies! Come see Redd fuck the energy out of one of the vampires!

August 9, 2002
We posted another Strip for the Night Shift Patrol Dailies.... an invisible vampire gets fucked!

August 6, 2002
The Night Shift Patrol chicks are caught in a tight spot! Will they survive?? How will they get out of this one? Stick around--

August 2, 2002
The Invisible Vampire strikes again in Strip 6 of the Night Shift Patrol Dailies! Will he get away?? Stay tuned!

July 30, 2002
We posted Strip 5 of the Night Shift Patrol Dailies up!

July 28, 2002
Strip 4 of the Night Shift Patrol Dailies is now available!

July 25, 2002
We posted Strip 3 for the Night Shift Patrol Dailies!

July 23, 2002
Strip 2 for the NightShift Patrol Dailies is now available!

July 20, 2002
We posted a new comics! NightShift Patrol Daily. We'll be continuing the Nightshift Patrol regularly. You'll get to see at least 2 comics a week!! We're going to pushin for getting more comics updated!! To make the comics available regularly we're going to make them black and whites! Occassionally we'll be running a few color strips. Enjoy!

July 15, 2002
We've added part 2 of Issue#2 of SpasmUnderworld! A total of 7 new pages. We'll be beefing up the comics area more frequently pretty soon!

July 4, 2002
New Pinups Posted! Demoness and Pussy! And 2 New Gag Cartoons!

June 18, 2002
New pinups have been added to the Pinup gallery! Check out the Babes for the Spasm. Also- we've posted a new gag cartoon! Enjoy the updates... Comics are coming soon!

June 10, 2002
We've added a new Strip Blackjack game with NightShiftPatrol Redd. We've also added a new Hyde gag cartoon!

June 3, 2002
This week we bring you Yoda-- as he feels the force! Star Wars Fan-- You're about to find out the Truth that goes on behind the camera!

May 27, 2002
Happy Memorial Day- We've added 2 new gag cartoons for this week!

May 22, 2002
We've added another gag cartoon for this week! Check out Luke Skywalker and his "ex"-girlfriend...

May 20, 2002
New Sex Parody pinups with Jennifer Lopez Vampire has been added!! We've also added a new Gag Cartoon!

May 13, 2002
New Sex Parody pinups has been added!! Come see what the SpiderDude can really do with his super powers! We've also added a new Gag Cartoon!

May 7, 2002
New Night Shift Patrol comic has been added!

May 1, 2002
New pinups added! Just in time for the Jason X movie! Check out the "Friday that Jason got sucked and fucked" in our pinup gallery.

April 21, 2002
We've added new pinups to the pinup gallery! Check out Creatures and Chicks.

April 17, 2002
The moment you've all been waiting for!! Strip Poker with the graveyard security chick Tracy!! Check her out in the games gallery! Click on her and hear her moan!!!

April 15, 2002
2 New Gag Cartoons have been added!!

April 11, 2002
We've added the Character Bios for the Night Shift Patrol!

April 1, 2002
No this is not an April Fools joke! We've got Part 1 of the Comic Book Issue#2 up! And this one is a real "knocker". :-) Enjoy!

March 27, 2002
News Flash! We've added a group of pinups the Pinup Gallery. The Night Shift Patrol. We will be starting up a new site devoted to the Night Shift Patrol. All Spasm Underworld members will automatically get free access to the Night Shift Patrol materials as part of your membership with Spasm Underworld

March 13, 2002
Bloody Babes have arrived! Watch out. They're dangerously sexy.

March 6, 2002
We've added 6 new gag cartoons!! We've also made some bugfixes to the BONUS Games.! They should all be working correctly now.

March 5, 2002
We've added Mummy pinups!

Feburary 26, 2002
We've added 4 new gag cartoons and a new Strip Trivia Game with Tanya! Enjoy!

Feburary 24, 2002
We've added Buffy - In the Buff Vampire Slayer to our Pinup Gallery.

Feburary 19, 2002
We've added Vampire pics to the pinup gallery! More updates on the way soon!

Feburary 10, 2002
The Strip Trivia game has been updated. Fixed some sound bugs.

Feburary 10, 2002
We've added the Bonus Hentai Archive. It will be updated daily! Our bonus games section will be updated daily as well.

Feburary 9, 2002
The Members Area is now officially live! In the next few days, we will be adding more Spasm Underworld updates!! Check back regularly!

Feburary 8, 2002
We've finally got the site design and tour together. The members area is almost ready to be launched.